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Influenza (the "Flu") is a contagious disease.
It is caused by the influenza virus, which spreads from infected persons to the nose or throat of others. Anyone can get influenza. Influenza can lead to pneumonia and can be dangerous for people with heart or breathing conditions.

Influenza vaccine can prevent influenza. It is recommended for persons at high risk for influenza-related complications and severe disease, including:
  • children aged 6-59 months
  • pregnant women
  • persons age of 50 and older
  • persons with chronic medical conditions
  • persons who live with or care for persons at high risk
  • healthcare workers

  •      Ask your pediatrician about getting the Flu Vaccine for your child.

              For more information see NYSDOH Flu Facts.


    The pneumococcal shot protects you from getting a serious infection in your blood or brain that can cause dangerous health problems, hospitalization or death.

    The pneumococcal vaccine is recommended for
  • People age 65 or older
  • People who have problems with their lungs, heart, liver, or kidneys
  • People with health problems like diabetes, sickle cell disease, alcoholism, or HIV/AIDS

  •      Ask Your Primary Care Physician about the Pneumococcal Vaccine.

    Protect Yourself and the Ones You Love Against the Flu.

    Its not too late to protect yourself and your loved ones against the FLU.
    Flu season often peaks in February but can continue through May.
    Ask your health care provider for a FLU SHOT.

    Flu is serious.
    Each year the United States, on average:
    More than 200,000 people are hospitalized from flu complications.
    20,000 of those hospitalized are children younger than 5 years old;
    36,000 people die from flu.
    A flu vaccine can help keep you from becoming a statistic.